Arrival day !

  • We meet and explain the week’s planning and activities.
  • The host families are introduced to the children.
  • We play games to break the ice!


Day with the families!

  • Spend the day with your host family, they will have a lot of things to tell you and show you !


9h-12h: French classes

12h-14h: Lunch

14h-18h: Meet the elephant!

The elephant lives in the central street of the Nefs. When the majestic animal goes out for a walk, it is a unique spectacle for everyone to enjoy!


9h-12h: French classes

12h-14h: Lunch

14h-18h: Discover Saint Anne’s hill

The hill is named after Anne, the patron saint of sailors and Bretons and after climbing 121 steps, a beautiful panorama on the Loire estuary and a great park will be waiting for you!

The planetarium

After discovering Nantes, embark on a journey to space! This 360° cinema will teach you a lot of vocabulary and facts on our solar system!

The children will be under adult supervision at all times. They will never be allowed to walk, take transports or go anywhere without an adult.

After 6pm, the children are being taken care of by the host families. Taking the children out after 6pm is not an obligation on their part.


9h-12h: French classes

All the lessons are fun, based on games and daily conversations! You will learn about the history, the geography, the traditions of France, films and songs we listen. Now is NOT the time for grammar!

12h-14h: Lunch

Packed lunches are provided by the families according to health or religious issues.

14-18h: Walking tour of Nantes

The tour will start near the castle des Ducs de Bretagne and continue through the old town. Some of the highlights of the tour include the cathedral Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, the Erdre river, the Place Royale, the Passage Pommeraye and the Place Graslin.

The Museum of Natural History of Nantes

The Museum opened in 1875 and was designed by architect Gustave Bourgerel. It includes a large hall on two levels on which the children will play detectives, on the traces of hidden animals!


9h-12h: French classes

12-14h: lunch

14h-18h: Visit of the Bretagne Tower

On the 32nd floor of the tower “la tour Bretagne”, come and admire the stunning 360° views of the Greater Nantes area. The bar “Le Nid” is the refuge of an immense white bird, part swan, part heron !

Let’s play board games!

A casual and enriching experience to practice French, playing with (or against!) your new friends!


9h-12h: French classes

12h-14h: Lunch

14h-18h: Visit of Nantes’ castle. The castle was the residence of the Dukes of Brittany between the 13th and the 16th centuries. It then became the Breton residence of the French monarchy. The castle hosts a lot of different exhibitions for children.

Shopping time

A short and supervised shopping time will be given to the children who would like to bring souvenirs home!

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