It’s cheap!

A 30 minutes lesson costs 20 euros.

We recommand 1 hour per week to progress faster. We will charge 40 euros per hour.

We are among the cheapest Online French lessons for kids providers, and quality is guaranteed! Look at all these nice comments we have received!

Pamela (USA): « My daughter loves Aurore. She was reluctant to try this at first, but once she saw how warm and engaging the teacher is, she fell in love with the classes. I’m always amazed to hear her speak in french during her lessons. »

Ирина (Russia): « My son loves Lucie’s classes! They are always fun and very interesting. »

Inna (USA):  » Aurore is very engaging and always well prepared. She has an effective approach to teaching foreign language to young children. My six year old enjoys chatting with her and participating in her 1:1 classes. I also appreciate that she recognizes that young children do not have the attention for 1hour classes, so she makes them 30 minutes long.

Tanja (Serbia): « Lucie is just amazing with her enthusiasm for teaching. She keeps our nine-year daughter, usually inseparable from her phone screen fully involved during the class. Aurore figures out the way to be more entertaining than Minecraft, even though the class is demanding. Ella has made a great progress only after a few classes. Strongly recommended! »

Caroline (Canada): « Aurore has been teaching my two children (ages 7 and 5). Asa teacher she is very enthusiastic and supportive and finds fun and interesting ways to engage them. It is not always easy to teach kids virtually, but she finds different and fun things to do with them so that they learn without even noticing it! Moreover, she is very professional, responsive and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her! »

Jian (China):  » My daughter has been taking lessons with Aurore for two weeks and she enjoys the classes very much. Although as a parent I didn’t pay real attention to the class itself, what I did notice is that my daughter always put on a happy face during the class and spoke with courage — Aurore must be a very good teacher in keeping children interested and motivated. I highly recommend Aurore (especially for junior learners)! »

Delphine (UK): « I highly recommend Lucie as a tutor – she is very professional, engaging and fun, and my children thoroughly enjoy their lessons with her. Aurore has been able to devise teaching content tailored to our needs, and we have noticed progress after a few lessons. »

Maria (USA): « Lucie is amazing with kids. She has our 8yr old daughter engaged and wanting to learn more; every morning she wakes up and asks if she has French today:) highly recommend her as a teacher. »

Ash (Australia): « Aurore has been giving lessons to my young daughter, she is a natural with children! Aurore is able to keep my daughter interested and enjoying the lesson, and they have a lot of fun together playing games in French and learning songs etc. I am very happy with my daughter progress! I can completely recommend Aurore to anyone wanting a friendly and professional tutor for their child. »

Erika (USA) « Aurore is brilliant! My 8 yr old daughter is enrolled in a French immersion school, but had gotten discouraged due to the teacher’s rapidity of speech and the large vocabulary expected of her. But Aurore is turning it around! My kiddo was beaming all smiles after her first lesson. She danced and sang “Dans le ferme de Manthuin” for 10 minutes afterwards. Aurore’s combination of vocab lesson, song, and games is perfect. She speaks slowly and clearly, and is positive, encouraging, and silly! Thank you, Aurore, for making French fun again and restoring my kiddo’s confidence! We will definitely be continuing with her. I see Paris in our future again, lol! 😃 »

Lots of happy kids and happy families!
Cheap classes but of high quality !

30minutes : 20 €

1 hour: 40€

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